2020 In Review - My Top Moments

Reflecting on the Moments that Shaped my Year

Posted by David Velleca on December 31, 2020

Self Reflecting

It's no surprise that 2020 was a difficult year for all, but even through all of the trials, there were likely some bright spots for everyone. Looking forward to 2021 and the next challenges that lie ahead, I wanted to take the opportunity to look back on 10 impactful moments in 2020. I challenge you to do the same, tag 5 connections and let 2020 go out on a high(ish) note. After all, some of our best growth and learning comes from persevering in the face of adversity.

My Top 10 (in no particular order):

  1. Spending 4th of July with my family - by this point, the stay at home period had been going on for about 3.5 months. We'd sacrificed so much and the numbers were starting to level off. So with some careful planning and extra caution, we were able to spend some very important time with some family members. A very bright spot!
  2. Finishing my basement - I finally have a "real" home office now, and had a fun project to work on and occupy some of my "extra" time for a few months (I did the majority of the work).
  3. Catching up with Friends - Used some alternative methods to keep up with everyone and reconnect.
  4. Promoting a Team Member - As a manager, one of my biggest focuses is developing the talents of my team. This year, I was able to reward one of my team members with a well deserved promotion, and seriously advocate for others.
  5. Starting a new Job - Thankful for my time at Mastercard, but really looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead with my new position at Cigna.
  6. Being chosen to speak at Alteryx's Analyticon Conference - Well, this happened at the beginning of 2020 and was supposed to materialize in 2020, but will hopefully come to fruition in 2021.
  7. Family Trips - We took two very safe and carefully planned trips this year when we realized our planned Disney trip likely wasn't going to happen (see #8). We had some great family time "camping" in cabins in Alabama and a Boy Scout property in the St. Louis Area.
  8. Cancelling our Disney Trip - We were scheduled to take a vacation in October, but with a special needs daughter who is unable to tolerate a mask, had to make a difficult (but correct) decision to postpone.
  9. Starting an Etsy Shop - At the beginning of 2020, I purchased a 3D Printer. It's been a great distraction and an awesome toy to learn with. The biggest moment was when in August I decided to try to sell some of my designs with decent success (especially for not really marketing all that well). Check it out here if you're interested.
  10. and finally...March 20 - That's the last day I worked in a real office environment. A lot has changed since then, including accepting my current role at Cigna that will be remote even after all of the WFH situations change for many. I miss the ability to walk to a colleague's desk and have a conversation, but I am relishing the challenge of collaborating in different ways.
  11. Being able to look back, reflect and grow from major moments (most positive, and at least one negative) is a super valuable exercise. As we move into 2021, I'll be looking to continue the reflection on a more regular basis.

    Happy New Year to all, and here's to an even more productive 2021!