#STLTUG Viz Brew

A St. Louis Tableau User Group Data Viz Competition!

Posted by David Velleca on behalf of the #STLTUG Leadership Team on December 14, 2020

#STLTUGVizBrew is here!!

The St. Louis Tableau User Group Co-Leads are happy to announce that we're hosting the first ever STLTUG Viz Games! Viz Games are your opportunity to compete with other Data Viz professionals in the St. Louis Area, putting your skills to the test, and pushing yourself to learn. Think of it as our version of Iron Viz, without a 20 minute time burden.

Check out this video for more information:

How to Participate

Joining the Competition is easy! Don't miss this opportunity to get involved in our first ever STLTUG Viz Competition. Here's how to participate

  1. Download Tableau Public,
  2. Create your Tableau Public Profile,
  3. Download the official Data Source,
  4. Publish your viz to Tableau Public with the tag "#STLTUGVizBrew", and
  5. Submit your viz via this submission form.

Prizes & Judging!

We're currently working on scoring some sweet prizes, but those participants who finish in the top 3 will be awarded with prizes ranging from Gift Cards to local Breweries (keeping with the theme), local brewery merchandise and of course some awesome Tableau Swag.

Vizzes will be judged by the STLTUG Leaders, as well as some to be announced guest judges. Judges will score each viz in 3 areas:

  • Analysis (10pts): What questions are you asking of the data? What insights are you uncovering?
  • Design (10pts): How thoughtful is your design? Is the Viz visually pleasing? Does it make use of appropriate visualization types?
  • Storytelling (10pts): Does your viz use the data to tell the viewer a story? Is the message intuitive? How well do the other elements (analysis, design) play into your story?

Terms & Rules

Participants must comply with the following rules and terms:

  • Visualizations must be created within Tableau, published to Tableau Public with the Tableau Workbook downloadable.
  • Participants may use any additional supplemental datasets they want, but they MUST use the official dataset for the competition (download here).
  • The official data source includes all breweries in Missouri and Illinois. Feel free to filter that data source to meet the needs of your viz.
  • All visualizations must be submitted by midnight Central time on Sunday, January 10, 2021.
  • Participants may reside anywhere, but brewery-based prizes will only be available to those located in the St. Louis Metro Area. Tableau Swag prizes will be available to all participants (as long as shipping/delivery of any prizes is reasonable...).
  • Participants may submit multiple entries, but only one viz will be eligible to place in the top 3.
  • STLTUG Leaders are ineligible to participate in the contest.
  • This contest is not in anyway sponsored or endorsed by Tableau Software.
  • Submitting your viz for judging indicates your compliance and acceptance of these rules.