Choose Your Own Adventure - Tableau eLearning Style...

How do you Role?

Posted by David Velleca on April 7, 2020

Exploring Tableau's eLearning Offering

Before I start, in case you've somehow missed it, Tableau is currently offering 90 days of FREE eLearning. I'm hoping the following provides a bit of info about the Tableau eLearning offering, as well as a tool to help you navigate through the curriculum. How will you drive your personal development across the next 90 days???

Back at #Data19 (seems like a lifetime ago right now), Tableau introduced their new Role Based Learning Paths. During the conference, I had the opportunity to explore some of the content, and I was blown away. I've always been one to learn new technologies on my own (that style seems to work for me) - experimenting in a tool, reading whatever relevant content I could find or attending user groups or conferences. That's not because I didn't have opportunities to learn other ways - I'd participated in or attended training courses in the past (including Tableau Desktop Beginner and Advanced way back in 2014), I hadn't found a formal learning solution that worked for my style. I can say that Tableau's new program has changed my thinking. So much so that I dedicated my personal development between the conference and early 2020 to earning all twelve of the Role badges.

I accomplished that way back in early February...

The launch of this new learning system coincided with the launch of the Tableau Blueprint - what I describe as a playbook for becoming a data driven organization. In support of that, the Tableau Role Based learning paths align closely with the Blueprint, down to providing curated learning content for all of the roles required for successful implementation of the Blueprint. There is valuable content whether you're:

  • A consumer of data products,
  • A creator of data products,
  • An analyst or data scientist,
  • The person who keeps your corner of Tableau Server or Online functional,
  • The person responsible for the WHOLE Tableau Server,
  • The person responsible for responsible use of data,
  • The advocate for utilizing data effectively within your organization, or
  • The cheerleader for all things data

That's quite a bit - 12 defined roles in fact (13 when you split Author across Desktop & Web), but Tableau recognizes that the real world is not so black and white and that these roles are merely points along what I call a "Data Professional Spectrum." That's why several of the roles touch on similar (or even the same) content. On the contrary, some of the more specialized roles contain very specialized content. It can all get a bit confusing, so I created the matrix below to try to make a bit more sense out of the curriculum and how it lines up with the roles. Once you've checked out the viz, head to the Tableau eLearning Site and get started on your 90 day journey today!