Using Atom to Easily View Calculation Logic

A quick tip

Posted by David Velleca on March 19, 2019

Quick Tip - Easily View your Logic by Editing Calcs in Atom

When I posted back in January about using a custom language in Notepad++, I was immediately flooded with "What about Mac" questions. Well, I didn't have a Mac at that point, so wasn't hugely incented to figure it out. Since then, I've purchased a Mac, and now have a need. However, I didn't have the time. Step in fellow Tableau and Mac user Sean Miller.

Sean took my Notepad++ post to his colleague, Jeff James, who created a grammar package for the Atom text editor for Mac. Today, Jeff shared that Grammar Package on Fortunately the process to install the package is much easier than creating the package!

  1. First, download Atom from
  2. After installing Atom, navigate to Jeff's Tableau Calculations Package and click install
  3. Click the button to open the package in Atom, and you'll see the package in Atom, where you can click install
  4. Open a new editor tab, create your calculation, go to the 'Edit' menu and choose 'Select Grammar'
  5. Scroll through the list, or start typing Tableau, hit enter and voila!